On Her Art

“I wish to convey the unseen through what is seen.

“Most of the time I focus on living subjects—people, still-lifes or landscapes—with the aim of showing, with color, line and form, a deeper reality that underlies the natural world.

“Portraits in particular seem to point the way to a direct and pure apprehension of other people, with their unique personalities and psychological truths.  But other objects can also be said to be portrayed in ‘portraits.’ By making visual art I try to bring out my vision of the ‘soul’ of each individual person, house, piece of fruit, landscape, flower, and so on.  For me, representation is a way of bringing out the particular, unique and evanescent relationship between the artist and whatever she has chosen to contemplate.  Thus my own perspective is revealed, unique to my own way of looking at things, and unique to the moments of representation.

“I value drawing as the basis of the dynamic play that animates the kind of painting I aspire to.  I aim for the harmonic combination of visual elements of color, hue, line, brushstroke, negative and positive spaces, form and shadow.  Finally, these visual elements often suggest a narrative thread.

“Everything I do creatively is part of the same journey of discovery that I think all of us are on in some way, the journey to understand the meaning of our lives here on this planet.  Our collective sense is that another reality tantalizingly and mysteriously exists alongside what we see.  Paradoxically, realism, for me, is the path to that other dimension.

“All the arts are paths to that place.  Whatever the obstacles along the path—no shortage of them, either—the visual arts are a touchstone to console and inspire us.   All the arts put us back on a path of joy, and all the arts spring from one source.”

Laurie Sucher, 2007

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